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Would you like perfect, smudge-free, run-proof makeup all the time?  Wouldn't it be nice to get up and go every morning without applying makeup or touch ups throughout the day?  Or to participate in your favorite sports or outdoor activities knowing you'll always look your best?

Or would you just like subtle enhancements such as eye liner or lip liner that you can add traditional makeup to as you like?

Cat is qualified in and has mastered Permanent Makeup techniques. Using traditional tattooing methods Cat offers beautiful, star quality Permanent Makeup procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner or full lips.  Cat prefers using traditional, less invasive hand-held micro-needles over machines because it gives her much greater control over coloration and detail and is less traumatizing to the skin thus virtually eliminating discomfort.  Down time is drastically reduced, too. 

And remember, every Cat's Eye Permanent Makeup customer is entitled to a complimentary Perfection Visit within 90 days of the procedure if desired to touch up or enhance color and lines and a specially priced Color Refresher visit for up to one year!

You can have those perfect brows, eyeliner and lips 24/7 with Cat!
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