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As a busy newspaper publisher I am always speaking before groups and running after leaves little time for re-applying makeup. I love Cat's eyelash extensions, they leave NO room for smearing mascara and are always clean looking and perfect. Looking forward to getting brows next! Thanks Cat! 
Gail Gill, Publisher- Seabreeze Publications, 6/12  Jupiter, FL

"Cat is an amazing artist who strives for perfection in her work. I love her professionalism and follow up.... I see her every two weeks for my eyelash refills and I cannot imagine trusting anyone else on this procedure. She is easy to talk to and the atmosphere is serene and calming. I look forward to having more procedures in the future which will include permanent makeup. I would recommend her to everyone I know."

Theresa, 6/12 (Palm Beach, FL)

"I received a lot of compliments on my lashes today.  I'm a slave to my lashes — with Cat and Cat's Eye...Authentic Beauty & Skin Care! Thank you!"
Michelle, 3/12 (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

"Eyelash extensions are the new Red Lipstick. If I had to choose only one beauty splurge this would definitely be it!  Eyelash extensions will dramatically enhance your entire appearance and are a MUST HAVE for any glamour girl :)"
Becky,  (LMT- Jupiter, FL)

"I love them!!!"
Brandy 4/11 (wife, mother & co-owner Land Yachts- Jupiter, FL)
"OMG,  I love my eyelashes! I've gotten so many compliments and they're so beautiful. You've got me hooked."
Kelly (Publicist- Shamin Abas Public Relations - Palm Beach, FL)
"Love them. Sorry I didn't know about them sooner."
Sandra (Palm Beach, FL)
"The effect was immediate and my eyes look like they have 2 coats, maybe 3 of mascara, curled, lush and healthy. I have been stopped by six different people who say something like "wow your lashes are amazing".  I must add that I have done two high intensity circuit-training sessions and a hot yoga class and they have remained as perfect as the day I got them. It's like make-up heaven!  Lashes are brilliant, love the look"
(Read Michaela's full review here, article appears at bottom:
Michaela 10/11 (Owner- , Palm Beach, FL)

"My lashes look amazing!!!!!! OMG I love them!!!!!!Thank you sooooo Much!!!!!"
Heidi (Owner-Heidi Harper Salon, Jupiter, FL)

"I met Cat in 2010, while living in South FL. I had been wanting to get my eyes done with permanent make-up, but was terrified at the thougt of falling into the wrong hands with a procedure that sounded so delicate and challenging. I was full of "what if" questions... Then I met her, sweetest lady, very kind,and above all, after a whole year and a half has gone by, my eyes still look GREAT! I am so, so thankful to have found her!!! I cannot wait to get back to FL and have something else done by this great person and wonderful professional!"
Gabriella Lewis, 10/12

Had my lips and eyes done a few months ago and love love love the way they came out!!!"
Louise G., Palm Beach Gardens, FL 6/12

"I had been reluctant to try permanent make up in past, but when I saw my sister's eyes, I knew I couldn't resist! I could not be more PLEASED by the whole experience and am already planning my next visit for additional work! Thank you Cat for being here for ME!!
Nancy, Jupiter, FL

"I just LOVE my permanent eyeliner! I never really wore a lot of makeup, only eyeliner, but I had to take the time to put it on everyday. Now I just get up and go. It's great!"

Michelle (Owner Michelle's Salon- Jupiter, FL)
"I spent the whole day on the boat and after hours of swimming and sunning we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. I usually have to run into the restroom to draw on my eyebrows and put on mascara and gloss. This time, I looked in the mirror at my new permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, I only had to put on a bit of lip gloss.  I looked perfect! I'm getting my lips done next!"
Rebecca (Massage therapist- Jupiter, FL)
"I have to say the most I enjoy about my makeup is with 4 kids and working, it's hard to find time to look nice, so I feel that I'm a little put together when going out the door...even if I didn't have time to put makeup on. It's great when I'm outside working and I wipe the sweat away and my liner is still there, not smudged down my face making me look like a raccoon."
Karen (Wife & mother of 4; Co-owner Treasure Coast Bounce)
"It is wonderful since getting my eyebrows done, no more getting up to draw them on before going outside. I JUST LOVE THEM."
Chris (Semi-retired massage therapist- Jupiter,FL)

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